About Us

We Teach Differently

936_0831By experiencing the world with awareness, and trusting the wisdom it shows us, we developed a set of core guiding principles that inform everything we do. These principles offer the foundation of understanding and relating at Animate Edu.

Our teaching philosophy draws upon core principles along with years of educating a wide variety of audiences using an expanded, enlightened and non-institutional approach.


Our Guiding Principles:

We believe in community-based leadership and learning: Emphasizing relationships over self-interest to produce more substantive forms of personal and social change.

We partner with place: Creating kinship with the outer world (other species, the elements, and the land) and the inner world (identity, creative spirit), because through this intimacy we awaken to full possibility and responsibility.

We honor the wisdom that all life is interconnected: From cells, organs, and bodies, to communities and greater ecosystems, changes on any level influence the entire web.

We change by changing context: Transformation accelerates when we create the environment that supports new forms of learning and doing, versus relying on our willpower alone.

We invite curiosity, imagination, and laughter into our everyday: When we can spontaneously call on a sense of wonder, embodiment, and humor to infuse our mental processes, we ripen to our full potential for learning and relating.


Coastal-Fog-and-Mount-Tamalpais-at-Sunset-Marin-County-California-300x225Our Teaching Philosophy:

Our educational framework supports confident exploration. We show you how to realize and receive answers and solutions, anywhere and anytime. Drawing upon ancient and modern teachings, as well as the rhythms and guiding principles of nature, our facilitators follow an effective interdisciplinary approach. We provide you with the environment, tools and practices for discovery and engagement, so you can creatively express your talents, take action on your personal inquiries and powerfully respond to the needs around you.

We embrace many paths for understanding and expression:

  • story-telling =  expression and connection
  • nature, art, and movement = knowing, feeling & connecting with self, others, nature, and mystery
  • teachers engage in the exercises = an indomitable trust amongst us
  • time for reflection = integration

Listen to a live interview with Dr. Gino Borges discusses his philosophy and inspiration behind Animate Edu.

“when we think of personal change… it’s the interior realm that facilitates outer change… you can’t change that which is without without changing that which is within… when we consciously evolve within… we receive subsequent transformation in our outer lives…” – gino dante borges