About You

You Are

You are an agent of change, a seeker living a conscious lifestyle. Perhaps you are an activist…a social entrepreneur…an outdoor or nature enthusiast…a spiritualist…a cultural creative… an organic foodie. Whatever your current role is, a purposeful mission drives you.


You Feel

You feel the ‘itch’ to climb out of the box. Maybe you feel stuck and crave more meaning, more connection, making a difference. You feel ready to awaken and get to know your inner self, and a deeper sense of community. You want to feel inspired and passionate. Everyday.


You Know

You know you are here to be in service to the world, ushering in solutions. You know you must be a participant in the great changes happening. You know you have unique gifts to share. You know you’re not meant to do it alone.


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“when you feel ‘lost,’ it’s because you don’t know which situation to respond to… or you simply have too many situations to respond to… when you feel ‘lost,’ be easy on yourself… it is the world’s way of saying ‘listen up’… listen for what is needed… and fit yourself into that situation… or if overwhelmed by a situation, choose a part of the situation and focus on doing that part well… soon, you will find yourself in your gifts and your gifts will find you” – gino dante borges