Animate Quests

Playa PictureAnimate Quests provide exploratory contact with the wild landscape and the wild aspects within us to bring about awakening, belonging and clarity.

Whether you are in a life transition, looking for answers, or heeding a certain call, spending time physically and consciously in the natural world unleashes imagination and intuition. It revives the atrophied senses and restores innate abilities of connection, reflection, and problem-solving.

Mother nature’s backyard is the grandest of all designs…here you will wander…using the landscape as a classroom and teacher…and ponder possibilities for your life that can’t be explored in the confines of four walls and a computer…

What to expect:

You will kick off your civilized shoes (literally and figuratively) and learn to feel again, with all of your senses. No office or comfortable chair, no phones or clocks, no note-taking.

936_0824_2Like you, each journey is unique. Quests often include deep relaxation through meditation, sensory engagement with the external landscape, somatic exploration of the inner landscape, and expressive arts as a means to “make sense of it all”.

Exercises such as visualization, embodied movement, storytelling and survival skills, all serve to encourage you to cross boundaries and converse with the unknown. By visiting the ‘crevasses’ of your soul, where answers lie, you will rekindle your forgotten self, and feel moved into purposeful action.

During this journey of self-discovery, where both conversational fluidity and quiet reflection emerge, you will have time to explore on your own with a guide nearby in support. You will learn what it means to feel ‘light and right’, within yourself and with others. You will take this feeling home with you.


Quests are 90 minutes and take place outdoors, from city parks to the desert and everything in between. Locations vary depending on each client.

Facilitator Gino Borges, PhD has been teaching, mentoring and leading for 15 years. His approach draws upon a rich educational background, an innate understanding of what it means to nurture one’s creative side, and a passion for seeing people thrive. Having spent years exploring Nevada’s backcountry–climbing mountains, hiking canyons, exploring basins and hot springs, and learning the stories behind the places–he has extensive training in desert survival skills and wilderness medicine.


Animate Quests are offered by donation as part of Animate Edu’s commitment to promoting new societal paradigms based on the gift economy and the share economy. Using traditional economic metrics, the comparable value would be $125-$225.

Thanks for participating in the creation of a new earth.

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“The self develops anxiety and falls under the spell of boredom if not constantly engaged. The more stimuli, the more to-do lists, the more this self feels seemingly purposeful. Our wild and creative self, however, knows that downtime is fundamental to wellness and personal expansion. Just as an exercised body needs rest to recover and grow muscle mass, so does our psyche. During downtime, we take time to connect experiential dots—what does and does not matter. So let’s be more than just busy bees buzzing… let’s also engage in downtime as purposeful living” – gino dante borges