Animate Mentoring provides one-on-one support to strengthen alignment with a positive purpose.

Why a mentor? Here are some of the many reasons: mentoring2

  • Navigating a life transition or a unique inquiry.
  • Seeking solutions to big questions, or greater understanding and empowerment within a situation.
  • Wondering how to initiate next steps.
  • Going through career or life changes.
  • Looking for work-family balance or more fulfillment in current relationships.
  • Wanting to break from convention.

Animate Mentoring sessions provide you with a supportive guide as you walk your life path. Mentoring also complements Animate Edu’s other programs by supporting effective integration of new practices and tools within daily life, work and relationships, so you sustain connection and aliveness, and share the fruits of your journey with others.

When life lures you back into safety and boredom, we’ll listen, and empower you to rise to your adventures’ calling…


Mentoring sessions are 90 minutes, with content tailored to your needs and goals. Session locations range from your local coffee shop to a favorite hiking trail, as well as taking place over the phone.

Facilitator Gino Borges, PhD has been teaching, mentoring and leading for 15 years. His approach draws upon a rich educational background, an innate understanding of what it means to nurture one’s creative side, and a passion for seeing people thrive. Having spent years exploring Nevada’s backcountry–climbing mountains, hiking canyons, exploring basins and hot springs, and learning the stories behind the places–he has extensive training in desert survival skills and wilderness medicine.


Animate Mentoring sessions are offered by donation as part of Animate Edu’s commitment to promoting new societal paradigms based on the gift economy and the share economy. Using traditional economic metrics, the comparable value would be $125-$225.

Thanks for participating in the creation of a new earth.


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“silence is the language of mystery and doing something everyday to care for self, community, and ecology is the language of service… and understanding how to incorporate these counter-cultural languages into our lives is the secret to bringing beauty into being” – gino dante borges