The Ecology of Leadership, Part II

IMG_7097ECOLOGY OF LEADERSHIP, PART II: Communication and Collective Mentoring

March 29, 2014 – 8am – 5:30pm, River School Farm, Reno, Nevada

While many of us have strong aspirations in life, realizing our unique purpose and following our dreams can be challenging as a solo excursion. This one-day mentoring workshop helps you take your vision to reality by tapping into the support of your community.

In The Ecology of Leadership, Part I, you learned new forms of expression for your gifts and purpose. Now, you have the opportunity to further explore your specific inquiry with input from others.

This collective mentoring, guidance and support will provide you with an encouraging sounding board to define the next steps toward realizing your vision.

In this interactive one-day workshop, each participant is an advisor and advisee. You will:

  • learn to be an effective listener
  • know how to frame and communicate your vision
  • define clear next steps
  • benefit from communal support as you move forward
  • feel the value of having your voice heard.

Whether you are a foodie, artist, activist, social entrepreneur or simply ready to do more good in the world, you can expect motivation and momentum through lively discourse, artistic expression, movement, and more!

Cost: $45 (minimum donation)

This tuition covers our administrative costs only (materials, site fee, & course development). Please consider making an additional donation towards our teaching fees. Using traditional economic metrics, the comparable value of our workshop would be $125.

ENROLL NOW by filling out this questionnaire telling us why you are interested. We will contact you soon. Workshop size is limited to a small group. Once full, additional applicants will be added to our waiting list and notified about future workshop dates.

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