The Ecology of Renewal

TBD - The Ecology of Renewal. 6-9pm @ The River School, Reno, NVP1030192

Is your lifestyle working for or against you? The state of our mind, body, and environment impacts the amount of energy we have to support our life’s purpose.

The Ecology of Renewal workshop unleashes your highest energy by introducing simple and profound opportunities for positive change in your daily life, including the way you eat, sleep, and relate to your surroundings.

Incorporating both artistic and scientific modalities for wellness, this workshop offers techniques and tools that will revive your routine and animate your life-force, including:

  • AWAKENING: how to harness and harvest your highest potential each day
  • EARTH CONNECTION: becoming grounded & reducing inflammation
  • FOOD & NUTRIENTS: super duper vs. dull & deficient
  • WHEN & HOW WE EAT: combining & sequencing for maximum benefit
  • BEING HERE NOW: how to breath, move & feel embodied
  • CREATING SPACE: elimination, cleansing & de-cluttering
  • And much, much more

Through this holistic, multi-sensory experience, you will learn to elevate your energy and re-invigorate your life throughout each day.

Whether you are a social entrepreneur, a foodie, artist, activist, or simply ready to do more good in the world, you can expect to increase your vitality in The Ecology of Renewal. This 3 hour workshop features Animate Edu’s diversified teaching philosophy incorporating lively discourse, connection with community, artistic expression, movement, and more!

Cost: $25 (minimum donation) 

This tuition covers our administrative costs only (materials, site fee, & course development). Please consider making an additional donation towards our teaching fees. Using traditional economic metrics, the comparable value of our workshop would be $75

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